Smart Merchandising

Retail-focused solutions from retail experts

Coordinating your merchandising programs with dedicated on-site teams

SAS is uniquely positioned to manage your in-store merchandising needs. We function as your partner and manage fair-share programs between multiple vendors-which means activities are executed more efficiently and within budget. For every merchandising challenge, SAS delivers the right solution.

Merchandising Services:

Total store remodels

Total store remodels have dedicated teams of retail merchandising specialists that handle every aspect of your program including logistics, warehousing, management, assembly, setup, tracking and reporting.

New store setups

New Store Setups are coordinated with your management and operations teams by our experienced retail merchandising managers. The tasks of scheduling, managing, assembly and vendor relations are handled by our people on-site at your location.

Dedicated retailer programs

Your success is our success. We have built a reputation of being the best-in-class retail-focused merchandising service provider. Our on-site teams integrate with your marketing and operations departments to execute programs that serve you and your vendor partners.

Large-scale category implementations

Regional management teams orchestrate large programs in short periods of time. These include examples like resetting a 200 SKU gift card kiosk in over 2400 retail locations across the U.S. within 4 days.

Category updates

Our teams of retail merchandising associates are specialists in every category of retail product including hard-to-manage categories like cosmetics, floral and technology products.

New item introductions

POP assembly, placement and maintenance is essential to new product introductions. We excel in managing and executing your end cap, in-shelf, or free standing POP materials, IRCs and signage. We coordinate between the manufacturers, vendors and retailer to ensure success.

Seasonal sell-through programs

Quick executing of merchandising is essential for profitable seasonal sell-through programs. Our dedicated retail merchandising teams work with your suppliers to move products and displays through the season's selling cycle and out of the store on schedule.

Signage / POP / POS placement

SAS can warehouse, assemble, place and replace Point-of-Purchase an Point-of-Sale signs and displays across your entire footprint.

Audits & Product recalls

Through the use of tablet computers with wireless internet access, SAS teams execute category and store-wide audits and handle product recalls based on your requests.

Display & fixture assembly

Receiving, warehousing, assembly and installation of fixtures and merchandising displays is one of our specialties. Our assembly specialists are experienced with everything from entire store remodels to product assembly as needed.

Online reporting

Through the use of tablet PCs and wireless Internet technology, SAS delivers online reporting that keeps you informed of program status.

Warehousing and logistics

We receive and distribute equipment, fixtures and materials through our regional fullfilment centers.